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Single-Session Therapy (SST)

Gray Matters Counseling and Wellness, PLLC is now offering 'Single-Session Therapy (SST) services'!

What does this mean?

It means folks can schedule sessions one at a time, as needed. 

Each session is considered to be a 'complete encounter' with a beginning, middle, and end. 

SST is not a treatment modality such as Cognitive Behavior Therapy; it is a model of service delivery.

In other words, it is another way for the therapist to deliver their services to the community.


It works well when folks are: 

on a waiting list for long-term therapy and could really use some support in the meantime;

in need of support but do not meet the criteria for any mental health diagnoses;

struggling to make a difficult decision; 

grieving loss or change;

the list goes on...

One aspect of SST that participants really like is that they can come in and get right to work.

Long-term therapy requires an intake process where the therapist gathers important information

about the client, their history, symptoms, etc. so that they can determine their mental health diagnosis

and create a targeted treatment plan. The diagnosis is important so that the therapist knows best-practices

for how to treat them, has a way to measure progress so both therapist and client know when they are healed,

and to ensure they meet the criteria set forth by insurance policies so the services will be covered.

That's right! Insurance companies only cover therapy for certain diagnoses. 

With SST, clients and their therapists are able to move into therapy right away.

Since SST is not covered by insurance, clients simply pay out-of-pocket. 

Our current rate for 1-hour of SST is $125.00.

Imagine having an entire hour to sit with a therapist who can

help you dial in on the issue at hand, then provide information,

skills, and tools that can help you... today!

Keep an eye on the site for upcoming availability. 

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