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Badlands National Park, South Dakota

You have decided to start seeing a therapist.

Great! Now what? The questions and options might seem endless.

But first, you have to decide what you want out of therapy.

Maybe this will help...

We offer real therapy for real people:

simple, straightforward, effective.

Clients report:

                                *Noticeable improvements right away                                   

*Feeling more in control of their life and happiness

     *Increased confidence, assertiveness, and effectiveness     

*Improved relationships and communication with others 

*Improved ability to express emotions   

*Less stress, anxiety, and depression

Sound good? I bet!

But, you might be worried that once you start therapy, it will never end.

But the truth is, therapy doesn't have to take a lifetime.

As a matter of fact, good therapy shouldn't.

Our goal is to put ourselves out of business one client at a time.

In the very early stages of therapy, clients begin to see drastic improvements in their life overall.

This is due to two things:

1) a treatment approach which is focused and goal-oriented with treatment plans that will 

get you on track with the development of effective tools and skills that will keep you there.

2) a client's readiness to get better and willingness to work hard to achieve mental wellness.

Neither of these two things can work independently of one another.

Even the best therapists cannot help clients get better if the client is not ready or willing to do their part.

And even the most eager client will not see improvements with a therapist

who lacks the skill and insight necessary to create true and lasting change.

Terrific! But wait... what about the cost?

If you have insurance, go to the 'contact' page on this website to see if your insurance is listed,

 or contact your insurance company to find out if I am contracted with them. 

Clients who do not have insurance or who do not want to involve their 

insurance provider pay by the session at our out-of-pocket rates.

Three Ways to See Your Therapist

Therapy has come a long way!  

Check out the options for engaging in mental health counseling with 

Gray Matters Counseling and Wellness, PLLC...

Laconia, NH


Traditional therapy occurs​ face-to-face in a comfortable, quiet space where you can work with your therapist on issues that are

 most important to you. 


Private Yoga for mental health is offered in conjunction with mental health counseling or as a

 stand-alone service.

109 C​ourt Street

Laconia NH 03246

Tele-Med Therapy

For those who find it difficult

 to get to the office,

enjoy the freedom of

 tele-medicine therapy!

It is a great way to see your

therapist from the convenience

of your own home or work space.

All you need is privacy, an internet connection, and a computer/device. 

The Great Outdoors

We are situated 

near outdoor walking trails.

This offers clients an opportunity

 to get out  and get moving 

during therapy sessions. 

Recreational therapy is incredibly effective at helping clients

feel more relaxed and therefore

more productive during sessions.

109 Court Street

Laconia NH 03246

A Side Note About the 'Cost' of Therapy:

Badlands National Park, South Dakota

Hopefulness motivates us to take action. It's our 'maybe'.

But sometimes we continue to do what we've always done

out of fear.

Fear of the unknown. Fear that nothing will change.

Fear that we can't change, no matter what we do.

Yet, we do things every day to try to improve our lives

without even realizing it.

Take a moment to consider all the things you spend money on freely and willingly. Now, do a little math and figure out approximately how much you spend over the course of a

month, or a year, or even a lifetime on those things.

Do those 'things' bring you true happiness?

Do they improve your life in ways you never imagined?

If so, great! Keep doing what you're doing.

But the truth is, most of the time the things we spend

our money on willingly are not the things that create

true and lasting change or happiness.

Therapy is a financial investment in yourself for today,

and all of your tomorrows.

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