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Life is full of challenges. 

And although psychotherapy and counseling can be incredibly helpful, 

not every client seeking services meets the criteria for this level of care. 

Coaching can help clients develop skills and tools, gain perspective, 

improve problem-solving skills... and so much more.

Brief encounters, targeted sessions, ready-to-apply skills.

Gray Matters Counseling & Wellness, PLLC offers coaching in the following areas: 




Intimate Relationships

Contemplating Uncoupling/Divorce


Co-parenting following Uncoupling/Divorce


Coaching with a mental health therapist can be a great alternative to psychotherapy.

Call today to learn more and find out if it is right for you.


(Coaching services do not involve assessments, diagnostics, or psychotherapy and are therefore

 not covered by insurance. Call to discuss our out-of-pocket rates for these services.)

Couple's Coaching Workshop

6, One-hour Sessions


Dates: TBD

Location: Gray Matters Counseling & Wellness, PLLC

109 Court Street Laconia NH 03246

$30.00 per session/per person

Tickets are $180.00 which reserves your seat for the duration of the event.


Participants will develop a deeper understanding of the problems couple's often encounter, 

how the past can influence the relationship, and what it takes to achieve a truly healthy relationship. 

Participants will learn effective communication skills, learn how to problem-solve like a team, 

and acquire knowledge and skills that can improve the relationship quality overall. 


Ticket sales are final and non-refundable.

This services is not covered by Health Insurance.

Please note: this is not group therapy. Participants will not be sharing personal information or interacting with one another. 

This workshop will be presented by a Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor and

 is designed to be informational, psycho-educational, and skills-building, 


Stay tuned for more information on event details.

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